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i came home from college and my cat is pissed

remember that time my cat yelled at me when i came home for winter break

Isn’t this the same cat who won’t pay rent?

oh my god i can’t believe you recognized him

they’re so mad they just
'you leFT and you didn't come bACK'


I keep seeing this image pop up all over the ‘nets, so I thought I’d post the original Storyboard panel I drew. I had a lot of fun with that section!

With Bolin I was going for an homage to Soul Eater’s Excalibur stank face but I think something was lost in translation or perhaps the higher ups didn’t want to go that route. Either way, Studio Mir did a beautiful job cleaning up, as always. :-)

AND…Whoo hoo Book 4 this Friday!

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